District 95

In the race for State Representative, there’s a clear choice.

Larry Brown
Ashley Tackett Laferty

  • Brown voted against working families by increasing their taxes while cutting those for millionaires and corporations.

Helping Working Families

  • Ashley believes that Kentucky is a great place to raise a family. That’s why she’ll work to strengthen our schools and keep good paying jobs in our communities.

  • Brown gave big corporations a tax break and stuck working families with the bill. Corporations should be forced to pay their fair share.

Tax Breaks for Corporations

  • Ashley knows that a regressive tax system only harms working families. She’ll work to help even the playing field for our families.

  • Brown supported legislation that taxed working families and charities but gave millionaires massive tax cuts.

Gave Millionaires A Tax Cut

  • Millionaires should be paying their fair share in taxes, not less. Ashley will work to right this wrong.

News From the Campaign:

Our Successes: We Won! Kentucky’s Pension Bill Is Now Null And Void

Judge Phillip Shepherd struck down Kentucky’s controversial new public pension law Wednesday and permanently enjoined Gov. Matt Bevin from implementing it. This law would have removed pensions for our teachers, and require teachers to work longer before becoming eligible for retirement. But our work is not done yet. Republicans are are certain to appeal the … Continued

Issues In Education In Kentucky: State Takeover Of Local Schools

On April 30, 2018, interim Kentucky Commissioner of Education, Wayne Lewis, recommended that the state take over Jefferson County Public Schools. This means that politicians in Frankfort will be running a local school system, and democratically elected school board members will be stripped of their power, pushed aside into an advisory role. Under state control, JCPS schools could … Continued